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The SiteSoft Site Management Solution has access control systems for small, medium and large sites. For smaller non gated sites using QR code technology the SiteSoft mobile App is downloaded to a smart phone which is scanned at each site on entry/exit. For large gated sites the QR code on the smart phone can be scanned to open/shut gates, turnstiles and vehicle access points. Once the person has been inducted the access control system of your choice ensures only fully inducted and qualified people are on your site.

If any detail of the pre-set qualifications or insurances to be on site expire or are invalidated then access to your site is immediately and automatically barred/alerted.

All aspects of site access can be controlled remotely and depends on maintaining the currency of the documentation required to be onsite in the first place.

Your exposure is minimised as only fully identified and qualified contractors are working on your site

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